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Orriant is superior to other corporate wellness programs due to their innovative, accountability-based program, groundbreaking ideas, such as personal coaches, and other tools to help companies tackle rising healthcare costs.

What other wellness programs are not doing:

As part of Orriant's mission to provide a more effective corporate wellness program, they have created incentives and other mechanisms that elicit a positive and successful response from employees.  In fact, Orriant boasts a 70-90% participation rate among employees utilizing their unique ideas.  By way of comparison to conventional wellness programs, which yield less than a 20% participation rate, Orriant has been able to coach employees into a healthier lifestyle that changes the corporate culture both short and long term.

Orriant also utilizes their unique wellness program to assist companies in lowering their rising healthcare costs.  The issue of rising healthcare claims is crippling to organizations and therefore not sustainable.  Orriant can help companies with this challenge by offering their program ideas including a team of highly qualified wellness coaches to work personally with employees.

Rise above wellness programs that employees don't enjoy:

It is understood that people have more success in achieving goals when they have input on setting those goals and are then held accountable to a coach with a four-year degree in a health related field.  As such, Orriant has developed a unique corporate wellness strategy that is more customized to the needs of the employee than any other programs in the market today.  This helps the employees to implement their own ideas and take ownership in their health by developing, with the help of an Orriant wellness coach, an individualized program.  Orriant's unique method of providing each employee a personal coach ensures they will always have fresh ideas to improve their health and overall lifestyle.  Since the employee ultimately decides on their own regimen for success, they are happier following the program with the help of Orriant.

A positive culture that is centered on wellness:

One phenomenon that CEOs enjoy after implementing Orriant's unique wellness program ideas, is the change it makes within their corporate culture.  Employees feel better coming to work, and are more productive as they build success with their wellness coach.  Another great benefit is that employees feel their company really cares about them and their health.  As these goals become a reality, the boosted morale of the entire corporate culture becomes apparent with healthier and more positive employees who have fewer sick days and medical claims.  This is why Orriant is preferred over other programs.

More benefits for employees and the CEO:

As the corporate culture improves through Orriant's accountability-based program, executives will notice some attractive changes in the bottom line of the business.  As employees maintain their health using an Orriant personal wellness coach and ongoing wellness program ideas, executives will know their new culture will be maintained for years to come.



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