Online Tracking

One of the features that makes Orriant unique as well as top of their class is the Orriant Wellness Portal. This state-of-the-art behavior-focused web portal outpaces the most well known health portals on the web at engaging behavioral change.

Our information technologies support the change process through: flexible goal creation, innovative progress reporting, and easy-to-use activity tracking.

Orriant's Wellness Portal includes participant resources that combine health information and awareness, workshops, health courses, personal journaling, social networking, goal tracking, calendaring and the ability to set your own personal reminders.

Orriant's online tracking system has the ability to track progress of participants on an individual basis as well as a company-aggregate basis. Through the Orriant Employer Portal, company representatives can see a host of program results on a real-time basis while maintaining strict confidentiality for participants