Increasing Engagement Through Membership Reach

Man talking on phoneIf you are in the benefit consulting industry, you are likely looking for ways to advocate your solutions to help drive down healthcare costs. If members don’t know about or use the solutions, they won’t be effective. At Orriant, we offer the unique benefit of reaching membership like no other program in the industry. You can leverage this unique wellness approach to gain access to your members, and drive engagement to your innovative solutions.

Orriant achieves a participation level in monthly one-to-one coaching that is unlike anything else in the industry. Often, over half the adult members on the health plan are calling their health coach every month and having a genuine trusting relationship with them. In addition to supporting them in making their own self-directed lifestyle changes, the coach can help them learn about and take full advantage of so many of the other benefits offered by their employer.

This increased awareness of and participation in other solutions brings a tremendous value to the plan. Here are some examples of how this trusting relationship between a coach and a member can bring greater value to the member and the plan.

Specialty Networks

Specialty networks offer tremendous savings and better outcomes for both the members and the plan. However, the trouble that specialty networks often present is the challenge and fear of change for the members. So often plan sponsors know they can achieve tremendous savings if they could engage utilization of these specialty providers, but they shy away from implementation because of fear of disruption to the members. Orriant’s ongoing relationship with so many of the plan’s members functions as an engagement strategy to help members see the value of using these providers. The members that are calling their coach every month are the ones with health conditions and the ones most at risk to need healthcare services. The result is a win-win for everyone.

Disease Management Programs

Orriant health coaches become trusted advisors for the members and are able to help those with serious health conditions take full advantage of the benefits available to them from the disease management providers on the plan. Orriant’s coaches work in partnership with disease management providers to be a catalyst in helping members make the lifestyle changes that are so important in better managing their conditions. It is well known in the industry that effective disease management interventions can create huge savings for the plan if they can achieve engagement. When members receive phone calls from complete strangers inviting them to participate in these disease management programs, they often decline because of the unknown. Orriant coaches build genuine trusting relationships with their participants which can then make all the difference at engaging them in these valuable programs.

Advocacy Programs

Advocates can be so valuable to members who are dealing with serious health problems that require multiple providers and numerous treatment interventions. The healthcare system is not easy to navigate and often creates enormous frustration on the part of patients and their families. Advocates are trained and available to help those patients navigate the challenges of finding the right providers, dealing with insurance requirements, getting claims paid, using their health savings funds and so much more. Again, the challenge is so often the hurdle of engaging members to take advantage of these helpful resources. Orriant health coaches play a valuable role in educating patients about these programs and the merits of utilizing them.

Other Solutions

The following are other examples of benefit innovations that depend upon member communication and engagement where Orriant’s member reach can be so valuable to the plan:

  • Telemedicine
  • Medical Transparency; both quality and price
  • Benefit platforms
  • Medical discount programs
  • Pharmacy discount programs
  • Rewards programs
  • Employee Assistance programs

Orriant Produces Results

“Orriant has been getting validated results and population engagement numbers we have not seen before, and they help drive engagement in other solutions through their unique coaching strategies as well.” - Partner Testimonial

We know as the benefit consultant, your highest priority is creating long-term relationships with your clients. The value of partnering with Orriant is the ability to leverage innovative solutions by reaching members through our unique coaching process. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a partner.


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