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The burning question in today's business world is, "Do wellness programs work?" Orriant provides services that have proven to bring success. Orriant can show you how to choose a wellness plan that is right for your employees.

Finally, a wellness program that gets results

When it comes to corporate wellness programs, there are many options for employers to choose from, but only a select few reap lasting benefits. Orriant is the answer to the question, "Do wellness programs work?" Orriant offers an outcomes-based program that promotes accountability and gets results. Since Orriant takes an individualized approach with their participants, employees are motivated to participate and quickly make healthy long-lasting advancements. Another key reason to choose Orriant is their program is often cost neutral. It is tough to find a results-driven program that pays for itself.

How to choose a wellness plan as an employer

Any executive who has implemented a "one size fits all" wellness program quickly realized the ineffectiveness and questioned, "Do wellness programs work?" If they do, the next concern is how to choose a wellness plan. In order to effectively select a wellness program that achieves profitable results for executives and employees, decision makers should consider the needs of its workforce. The first step is to realize every employee's health is at a different starting point; therefore everyone will have different progression, goals, and achievements.

Enter Orriant's robust Health Coaching staff! Every Orriant Health Coach is equipped with at least a 4-year degree in a health-related field and has completed rigorous Orriant training. Coaches collaborate with their participant through one-on-one interactions to identify attainable goals. Orriant Health Coaches have the experience to effectively guide an employee to better health. Employers daunted with the task of how to choose a wellness plan will be relieved to find Orriant is unlike any other wellness company. Orriant gets results.

Employees are taking a stand throughout the healthcare debate

One reason employers are constantly asking the question, "Do wellness programs work?" is because they are looking for a solution to the ever increasing costs of healthcare. In a study conducted over the course of four years, Orriant participants saw a significant reduction in several types of medical claims including: outpatient and inpatient visits, emergency room costs, and pharmacy claims. Employers who are concerned about how to choose a wellness plan should look to Orriant as a practical, cost effective, and impressive solution.

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