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Orriant's unique Employee Wellness Program goes a step further and helps organizations to change their culture far more than other corporate wellness companies in the market today.

Corporate Wellness Companies:  The proof is in the participation

Orriant customers coast to coast are experiencing benefits of our program far beyond other employee wellness programs. Orriant clients see participation levels between 70-90% while other corporate wellness companies' participation fall, on average, below 20%.  By personalizing the impact of our program through effective coaching, companies have yielded tremendous results for years.  The formula of one on one coaching and financial incentives are combined in a unique way that has yet to be tapped into by other corporate wellness companies.

Most employee wellness programs strive to increase participation levels but fail to replicate Orriant's ongoing standard. As a means of accommodating the need for individual goals, Orriant coaches are committed to meeting participants where they are health-wise and working with them on their customized goals.  This eliminates the "non-personal, corporate edge" that many corporate programs impose on organizations.  Employee wellness programs should be designed with the participant's long term success in mind.  Orriant has proven to offer such a program where other corporate wellness companies fall short.

Participation creates savings for companies

Orriant understands the continued participation from an employee is critical, and so we have built a program that helps keep individuals motivated and on track.  As participants see a positive difference in their lives through their improved overall health, employers will see fewer sick days, often resulting in reduced health care claims.  For example, there have been studies in corporate environments showing how people with diabetes increase their work attendance after they have achieved some of their major health goals.  Healthier employees mean more productive employees; yet another positive result other corporate wellness companies cannot provide like Orriant can.

Employee morale gets a boost through employee wellness programs

When clients enjoy their employee wellness programs, they are much more likely to continue participating in the program and improving their health.  For all companies that have implemented Orriant's results-driven program, there is a much needed boost in morale as the company culture changes.  One major benefit to the Orriant model of corporate coaching is getting all personality types to engage in their health goals.  Standard corporate wellness companies try to duplicate these benefits for their customers but fall short of the high participation that Orriant continually produces.  For these reasons, companies are leaving standard employee wellness programs to join the Orriant way of life.  Orriant understands results, both short and long term, are the key to any company's success.



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