Personalized Coaching

Orriant offers genuine behavioral and lifestyle change support from some of the best-trained coaches in the industry. All of our coaches have at least a bachelor's degree in the health sciences and then are certified in Orriant's own proprietary cognitive-coaching training program. Coaching involves a unique partnership between your members and the coach that includes: motivation, goal setting, goal tracking, encouragement, celebrating success, and personal development. Our coaches have vast experience in administering a fair and easy-to-use reward system that engages individuals in the management of their own health and wellness.

Our coaches help your members deal with a variety of health-related lifestyle issues such as: self-managing chronic conditions, navigating the healthcare system, starting an exercise program, smoking cessation, increasing energy, managing stress, sleeping better, managing pain, and losing weight.

Developing A Culture Of Health
Orriant creates excitement and participation focused on the current trends and national priorities surrounding health and wellness. The health promotions activities and events are developed from participant needs and their personal health and wellness interests. Health promotions are offered to all Orriant clients to engage participants in a variety of interactive health education and promotion strategies, including motivating competitions, face-to-face or online seminars, and a wide variety of company activities to aid participants in health and wellness behavior change and company cohesion.