Intelectual Wellbeing

Remember the goo-like toy that comes in a hard-plastic shell called ‘Silly Putty?’ When used a lot the Silly Putty stays soft and pliable, but if left out or unused it becomes hard and stiff. Interestingly, our brains are quite similar to Silly Putty. 

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Open Ended Questions

Most of us can recall a time in our middle school, high school, or college lives when we studied long hours, days, weeks or even months for an important exam. The day of the test arrives and you are overcome with mixed emotions surrounding your readiness for the exam and potential success (or failure) following its completion.

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Destination: Success

What does success look like? Every human being looks, thinks, and feels differently; similarly, each person defines success in their own way.

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"Fluffy" Wellness Programs Won’t Create Population Change

How do you create behavioral change?  That is a difficult question to answer for a single individual, let alone an entire population.  Individuals want to change typically to improve themselves.  Weight, blood pressure, maybe even hair color.  People can select a motive, determine how the improvement will apply to them, set a course and make improvements.  What about an entire population?  What can motivate a group to change?  

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Small and Steady Progress

Slow and steady wins the race: the key to making permanent lifestyle changes. 

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The Positive Influence Employers Can Have 

The CDC Foundation reports that employee absenteeism due to illness costs U.S. employer's $1,685 per employee per year. In response to this, an increasing number of employers are catching onto the importance of providing their employees with a wellness program to decrease the direct and indirect costs of medical issues. 

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Health Coaching and Managing Diabetes

“You have diabetes.”

That’s a phrase someone never wants to hear from their doctor. Suddenly, life changes from eating whatever you want, whenever you want, to carefully calculated insulin injections and a restricted diet. 

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Health Coaching and Stress Management

Stress is a part of life. It's inevitable. While the fight or flight stress response is needed for slamming on the brakes to avoid a crash, it is detrimental to our health if it becomes chronic. 

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What is Health Coaching?

You may have heard the term 'health coaching' floating around a lot. Have you ever been confused about what it means or what health coaches do?  Well, hopefully this will help clarify the idea of health coaching for you and give you an insight into what it is that health coaches do. 

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If, Then Rewards are only good for simple tasks

Relying on if, then rewards puts a cap on our ability to progress, especially when it comes making complex behavior changes. In an interview with Harvard Business Review, Daniel Pink said, The behavioral science is very, very clear that– give people those kinds of motivators [if, then rewards] for complex tasks, and they will often underperform.” 

Increasing Engagement Through Membership Reach

If you are in the benefit consulting industry, you are likely looking for ways to advocate your solutions to help drive down healthcare costs. If members don’t know about or use the solutions, they won’t be effective. At Orriant, we offer the unique benefit of reaching membership like no other program in the industry. You can leverage this unique wellness approach to gain access to your members, and drive engagement to your innovative solutions.

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