Impressive Results

The following graphs represent the aggregate health care claims for four Orriant client companies between 2007 and 2010. The average size of each group is 800 employees. The graphs show the claims trend difference between participants and non participants of the wellness program. 

To view a report showing a comprehensive analysis of the health impact that the Orriant program has had on all corporate clients over the years with 3+ years experience, click here.

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This unique wellness program is achieving participation rates unprecedented in the industry. Most companies are seeing 80% of their employees as well as their spouses engaging in healthier lifestyles.

Company after company, year after year, we keep seeing the health improve amongst the employees with health risks. Those with health risks generally represent 60% to 80% of your workforce so the impact is substantial.

When we can obtain claims data and analyze the impact the program is having on participant's actual health care utilization, our clients are seeing a 4 to 1 return on their investment. This is a real bottom line return on investment of 4 dollars saved for every dollar spent.

The most common question CEO's ask is, what will my employees think of it? The customer satisfaction results that we achieve are hard to believe. Here we are asking people to change their lives, it can seem a bit "Big Brother". But not so. The vast majority of your employees will sing your praises. Most people view this as a big Win-Win. Most people want to change, but with little support or incentive, they don't succeed. Now their employer is not only paying for the support they need to be successful, but they are also providing a financial incentive to participate.