What does the word “Orriant” mean?

Orriant comes from Latin origins and means “To rise up and be of good cheer”.

How do you pronounce “Orriant”?

The word is pronounced “ō-rī ənt”.

Where does Orriant have customers?

Orriant has participants in every state. Companies from all over America are discovering the win-win solution offered by Orriant. Americans from every age and walk of life have enjoyed the better life of rising up off the couch and living stronger and healthier lives.

What is the difference between Orriant Life, Orriant Wellness and Orriant Voice?

Orriant Life is a program offered to individuals wanting to purchase the support of Orriant’s award winning health coaching program.

Orriant Wellness is one of the nation’s leading solutions to enhancing the health and productivity of employees and their spouses.

Orriant Voice is a leading voice in this country bringing solutions to the healthcare cost crisis to the business leaders of America.

What is Orriant’s mission?

To engage people in the management of their own health and wellness.


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