Employers InfluenceThe Positive Influence Employers Can Have on Workplace Health and Productivity

The CDC Foundation reports that employee absenteeism due to illness costs U.S. employer's $1,685 per employee per year (Stinson). In response to this, an increasing number of employers are catching onto the importance of providing their employees with a wellness program to decrease the direct and indirect costs of medical issues. Addressing the health issues of employees can reduce absenteeism and the resulting costs of lost productivity. There are several elements that should be considered when contemplating a wellness program: prevention, condition management, and employee engagement (2016).

Orriant addresses each of these factors. Once a year our employees come to your workplace and provide physical assessments of participating employees. Blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight, among other things are measured to assess possible risk factors; this can prevent risk factors from becoming more serious health problems. Health coaching, health promotion activities, recipes, and periodic challenges are provided to help your employees manage their current health conditions, and can also help to prevent new ones. Health coaches provide personal support and encouragement to help employees reach their goals and improve their health. Furthermore, it is up to the participating employees to contact their health coaches and complete their participation requirements. This keeps them accountable and engaged in their own health and wellness.

Results of the Business of Healthy Employees survey show that, "64% of employees report increased productivity directly related to participation in wellness programs" (Kaiser Permanente Business). As an employer, you have the unique opportunity to positively influence the health and productivity of your employees. Consider adopting a wellness program, such as Orriant, to decrease healthcare costs, improve employee health, and improve the overall quality of your workplace.


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