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Results-driven company wellness programs help employers to promote self-improvement and provide benefits like cutting annual healthcare claims.


Improve health in the workplace with company wellness programs
Orriant has created award-winning workplace health programs proven to: increase employee wellness participation at work, boost overall health, and improve productivity. In addition to instilling such positive changes in the lives of employees, Orriant's company workplace wellness programs are able to greatly reduce the increasing cost of healthcare. Orriant's results-driven methodology helps bring wellness and financial success to companies across the U.S.

Unlike other wellness companies, Orriant uses techniques including setting reachable goals as part of a distinctive corporate coaching program. This allows each individual employee to have a one-on-one experience that caters to their specific needs. Orriant takes their role seriously as one of the top providers of company wellness programs and workplace health. Since Orriant provides such impressive results on a consistent basis, they strive to continually maintain a standard of excellence their clients expect through workplace health and company wellness programs.

Orriant gives you the tools to succeed
In their company wellness programs, Orriant gives you the tools to succeed, from individual coaching to goal setting. Clients also have the ability to track their results using a unique online tool as part of Orriant's workplace health programs. Orriant clients see over 80% of the employees living healthier, better lifestyles after enrolling in an Orriant workplace health program. An Orriant study shows clients also see a 4-1 return on their investment. This is an excellent supplement to the healthcare cost savings.

Company wellness programs come with added benefits
Reduced healthcare costs are not the only advantages of Orriant company wellness programs. Not only do employees participating in Orriant workplace health programs begin to implement Orriant strategies but their spouses often begin to lead healthier lives too. There is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of one area of life can positively affect other areas. Orriant clients who have participated in these, have fewer: medical claims, emergency room visits, pharmacy needs, and hospital stays. This is due to both the highly effective Orriant workplace health programs, and the willingness of those participating.


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