Biometric Screenings


Orriant offers a seamless effective system for testing participant’s biometrics. In most cases, Orriant employs its own staff to operate the screening process to ensure the highest quality of services available in the industry.

Registration process

Participants who will be attending a worksite screening can register online or by calling customer service. Registration online is simple and easy to use. Participants choose their location, date and time most convenient to their own personal schedule. Upon completing their registration, they receive a confirmation email as well as reminders prior to their appointment date and time.

When they arrive at the biometric screening, they are warmly welcomed with their information already in the system. After signing a consent form, they sit down with a certified Orriant screening technician who welcomes them and reassures them that the process is easy, painless and quick. In a confidential environment the technician tests their glucose and cholesterol levels/ratio using a finger stick method. While the blood sample is being processed by a Cholestech LDX or PTS Analyzer, the technician manually takes their blood pressure using a stethoscope and a sphygmomanometer, and measures their body composition by assessing both their body mass index as well as their body fat percentage. An industrial level scale is used to accurately measure weight and an Omron bioelectric impedance monitor is used to calculate their body fat percent and BMI. The participant is asked to indicate if they use any form of tobacco. Tobacco screenings can be performed for an additional charge if the company prefers.

Communication of Participant Results

Following the testing procedure, participants meet confidentially with a different technician to review the results of their biometric screening and discuss next steps and requirements of the program. If a participant requires an Orriant Health Coach, the technician will schedule their first appointment with their personally assigned health coach.

Biometric screening results include:


Total Cholesterol




-Glucose (mg/dL)

-Blood Pressure (mmHg):



-Body Composition:

Height (in)

Weight (lbs.)

BMI & Body Fat %

-Tobacco Yes/No