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Why CEOs choose Orriant over other healthcare options

Orriant's accountability-based wellness program is a 360 degree approach which empowers CEOs with the necessary tools to lower their premiums and fight rising medical insurance costs.  Other healthcare options do not have our proven solution to create a stronger, more productive workforce.  Orriant provides a unique one-on-one coaching system that engages employees in their own quality of life and wellness.  This one of a kind methodology differs from other healthcare options and is tied with a financial incentive, benefitting organizations across the country.  Orriant customers see the impact  of wellness with participation rates between 70-90%, compared to an average of less than 20% with other groups.  As medical insurance costs continue to grow nationwide, employers want more of their staff engaged in a successful, results-driven system.  Orriant is the clear choice time and time again as business owners search for the most effective wellness benefit within their healthcare options to reduce medical insurance costs.

Benefits of stronger, healthier employees

Business leaders will see measurable results as their employees improve their own health and wellness with Orriant in an effort to earn a discount for lower premiums.  The benefits of Orriant include lower annual healthcare claims, reduced premiums in medical insurance costs, increased employee attendance due to fewer sick days, and increased productivity.  Employees will continue to improve as they work with their personal Orriant health coach.  This ongoing relationship will allow employees to reap the rewards of long term wellness while employers see the positive financial impact of a wellness-focused business culture.  

How employees react to an Orriant wellness coach

As each employee sets goals with the assistance of their Orriant coach, they feel their success is in reach and are driven by the incentive of a lower monthly premium.  Every participant works with their Orriant coach to customize a plan that fits their specific, individual needs.  Since all coaches have a minimum of a 4-year degree in a health-related field, participants know they have access to an educated support system.  Although there may be many wellness and healthcare options available to employees, participants can rely on Orriant for lifestyle tips, answers and references. In addition to the physical benefits, employees can save on their medical insurance costs and enjoy a happier, improved quality of life with fewer visits to the doctor.   

Although it may appear that many wellness or healthcare options offer the same programs with similar incentives and results.  Orriant stands above the rest as our results are proven to lower residual costs and are measurable over time.  A stronger employee is a happy employee and happy, healthy employees lead to higher productivity, fewer sick days, and lower medical insurance costs. 

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