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Where does the healthcare debate stand?  How Orriant can help with lower medical insurance premiums and internal reform!

Uncertainty and concern describe the ongoing healthcare debate and rising health insurance premiums.  Many have decided requiring employers to pay higher costs is one way to create successful reform.  Unfortunately, many of those supporting this side of the healthcare debate are not employers, and do not have to bear the cost of soaring insurance premiums.  This concept of reform is grossly unpopular among employers who feel that politicians are not providing viable solutions.  Employers argue lower insurance premiums are necessary for businesses to survive and succeed.

Orriant is helping companies who are grappling with the healthcare debate.  Orriant provides tools that empower organizations to help lower medical insurance premiums.  While healthcare reform is leaving a lot of business owners and employees feeling uneasy about their financial future, Orriant offers direction with proven results.

Employers are creating a successful environment despite the healthcare debate:

Business owners have the right to create their own company culture.  Orriant helps those leaders to exercise that right with our proven tools.  We show employers how they can lower health insurance premiums by creating their own culture of wellness using our accountability-based wellness program.  Orriant allows employers to reduce some of the concerns related to the healthcare debate and reform by carving their own path to success.  

One of the reasons why Orriant's customers are so successful is their relationship with their Orriant health coaches.  These coaches work with each employee to create a customized wellness program.  Not only is Orriant helping to create a culture of wellness reform at the company level, we are doing so at the employee level as well.  This presents clear steps to help employers lower medical insurance premiums by working together with their employees to build a stronger company.

Lower health insurance premiums, increase employee attendance, and stronger production:

With or without reform and the healthcare debate, employers are able to create a stronger, more productive work population using Orriant's unique program.  Among the results that stand out are lower health insurance premiums due to fewer annual employee claims.  This is a refreshing benefit for CEOs and employees alike.  Organizations will also notice higher employee attendance with fewer sick days.  Orriant is the best resource for organizations that want to lower their insurance premiums as the uncertainty of health reform grows.



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