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How does employee health affect your bottom line? Orriant workplace, worksite wellness programs provide measurable results and support a more productive culture.

 Orriant's workplace wellness solutions go the distance

Orriant has proven to increase employee productivity, improve health of participants and reduce costs regarding doctors and check-ups.  Worksite wellness and improvement within the company have never been so reachable. Orriant, a company prized for its commitment to excellence in workplace wellness and workplace health, offers unlimited success for each client. Orriant's worksite wellness program meets employees where they are within their health-related goals. The workforce is able to work with their Orriant Health Coach to set attainable exercise and nutrition goals. Employees do not have to suffer as a result of a poor quality workplace wellness program. Orriant's worksite wellness program ensures each employee receives top quality, one-on-one coaching regardless of physical limitations.

As participants are held accountable to their Orriant Health Coach, small habits have a lasting impact.  When employees are more involved in what they eat and when they workout, they go to the doctor less which in turn can lead to fewer healthcare claims.   Improved health often translates into higher productivity in the workplace.  The impact of Orriant's workplace wellness program is positive and widespread.

Improving employee health in the workplace across the U.S.

Orriant is a nationally acclaimed worksite wellness company devoted to the improvement of employee health and increased workplace wellness. Orriant clients see 70-90% employee participation. Other worksite wellness companies see 20% participation.  Companies in all 50 states are utilizing Orriant's unique program.

Employee health has a direct impact on their company's bottom line. Orriant's program helps to continually improve workplace and worksite wellness often resulting in fewer health care claims.

Orriant's corporate coaching model is designed for employee health to be improved both short and long term. There are no limitations to the potential for workplace wellness success among Orriant clients.

Orriant stands aside their customers in agreement that the health of employees is of high importance. The results from Orriant's worksite wellness program are both measurable and positive. Employees who utilize the program have praise for Orriant, stating the practices applied to their daily lives have made them noticeably healthier, stronger and more productive.



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