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Orriant provides two primary services:

Orriant Wellness
Orriant Voice

Orriant Wellness

CEO's across the country have found Orriant to be a ground-breaking approach that enables their team of employees to see meaningful change, adopt healthier behaviors and be more productive. Its a program that pays for itself.

"My coach is encouraging, understanding and knowledgeable and she's been a great positive support through this whole process." Sonian Brunson, Cedar City.

This unique wellness program is achieving participation rates unprecedented in the industry. Most client companies are seeing 80% of their employees as well as their spouses engaging in healthier lifestyles.

Orriant was voted Utah's Best Of State for educating adults in 2011.

Orriant Voice

There are solutions to the healthcare cost crisis and Orriant Voice is a leading voice in the country bringing those solutions to the business leaders of America. CEO's can learn about the disruptive innovations that CEO's around the country have implemented to improve the health and productivity of their workforce, provide more attract benefits to their employees while driving down the cost of healthcare.


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