Increasing Engagement Through Membership Reach

January 2016

If you are in the benefit consulting industry, you are likely looking for ways to advocate your solutions to help drive down healthcare costs. If members don’t know about or use the solutions, they won’t be effective. At Orriant, we offer the unique benefit of reaching membership like no other program in the industry. You can leverage this unique wellness approach to gain access to your members, and drive engagement to your innovative solutions.

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How Direct Primary Care Is Innovating Healthcare

December 2015

In today’s modern healthcare system, patients are lacking the attention and care they deserve, due to pressure on doctors to meet their bottom line. At Orriant, we believe in supporting a new payment model that will revolutionize the healthcare system, and allow doctors to focus on treating their patients to the best of their abilities. This exciting development has the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered, will reduce costs and will improve the quality of patient care.

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