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A Scientific Study Proves Orriant Wellness Works

A new internationally-published, peer-reviewed study shows companies can lower healthcare costs and improve the productivity of employees, through Orriant’s Corporate Wellness Program. Orriant’s unique model incorporates biometric testing, individualized health coaching and a personal wellness profile with a financial incentive. Learn More

New Comprehensive Analysis of the Health Impact on all Orriant clients

Learn More answer to soaring healthcare costs.

Healthcare costs are constantly on the rise, both for businesses and their individual employees. Orriant has worked with many businesses over the years to provide wellness programs to not only stop the rise of healthcare costs, but to actually reduce them. With their no gimmick, proven corporate wellness plans, Orriant can help a company to operate leaner while promoting greater health in their employees which provides great incentives for corporate leaders. Orriant is the answer and solution to rising healthcare costs.

Name a 2015 Top Workplace by the Salt Lake Tribune

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Orriant Wellness Programs & Federal Incentives:

Did you know Orriant can help your company take advantage of new federal wellness incentive increases? Your company can enjoy great benefits such as: reduced healthcare burden, strong employee participation, and improved employee productivity. Our programs work! Call to learn more about wellness plans and corporate incentives. 

"It can't be a coincidence that all of my claims rated groups that use the Orriant Program perform better than my groups that don't."

Shawn Allen – Clark & Lavey
  Benefits Consultant

Orriant is The Solution to Soaring Healthcare Prices

As a true win-win scenario for business owners and employees, Orriant provides more than simple company wellness programs. Orriant puts plans in place for employees to control their healthcare expense responsibilities and helps businesses better tackle rising healthcare premiums through incentives and improvements in corporate culture. Orriant is five times more effective than other corporate wellness programs and also promotes a more healthy workplace, which provides lifelong benefits to all participants.

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What Does Zero-Based Cost mean?

The main goal for Orriant is to achieve a "zero-based cost" for a company through implementation of wellness plans.  Orriant is known for achieving high participation levels from their programs which contributes to the "zero-based cost" customers enjoy.  This is one of the great incentives for corporate leaders to choose Orriant today. Contact our sales experts to learn how our plans can impact your company and to find out if you qualify for Federal Government incentives.

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