#1 Most Effective Population Health Program


20+ Years Providing Behavior Focused Health Coaching

500% Higher Engagement

Overall 3 Year Population Health Improvement Statistics for all Clients

Percent Improvement in Combined Biometrics


All At-Risk Adults


All High-Risk Adults

Percent Improvement In the Healthy Population


Those free of health risks moved from 39% to 48% of Total Population

Risks for Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke & Cancer


Reduced # of Risk Factors


Removed all Risk Factors

"It can't be a coincidence that all of my claims rated groups that use the Orriant Program perform better than my groups that don't."
– Shawn Allen – Clark & Lavey, Benefits Consultant

Healthcare Claims Can Actually Go Down

Healthcare costs are constantly on the rise, both for businesses and their individual employees. Orriant has worked with many businesses over the years to provide wellness programs to not only stop the rise of healthcare costs, but to actually reduce them. With their no gimmick, proven corporate wellness plans, Orriant can help a company to operate leaner while promoting greater health in their employees which provides great incentives for corporate leaders. Orriant is the answer and solution to rising healthcare costs.

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Actual Claims Trend of an Orriant Client

Scientific Study That Proves Orriant Wellness Works

A new internationally-published, peer-reviewed study shows companies can lower healthcare costs and improve the productivity of employees, through Orriant’s Corporate Wellness Program. Orriant’s unique model incorporates biometric testing, individualized health coaching and a personal wellness profile with a financial incentive. 

Diabetic Population


Reduction in High Glucose

At-Risk for Heart Disease Population


Reduction in Blood Pressure

Risk For Cancer Population


Reduction in Life Style Risks

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